Some of the latest installations

We present here some of our latest power test bench installations of Sport Devices production, in diagnostics and sports preparation.

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4wd double roller test rig


The first generation of Sport Devices power test benchesused the double roller solution.

The double-roller solution was developed for diagnostic purposes, normally characterised by low to medium speed testing.

Preferred by many users for the increased stability of the vehicle, brings with it a number of technical limitations, including a increased overheating and tyre deformation.

The axis synchronisation system of these models, was entirely relied on electronics alonewhich was responsible for synchronising the rotation speeds of the front and rear axles, applying greater braking force to the roller with higher speed.

System now no longer sufficient to guarantee accurate and safe testing on modern transmission and traction control systems.

All of our roller test rig models can be installed either in a pit or over-floor.

Single-roll power test benches

Precisely in response to the new market requirements, the first models of single-roller power test bencheswhich guarantee a less stress on the tyre, permitting longer and more reliable tests.

This new, modular and flexible solution is also equipped with mechanical connection of axles (by means of telescopic cardan shaft) to ensure the synchronism of the front and upper axles.

This allows reproduce the operating conditions on the road on the roller test bench, testing vehicles without having to activate specific vehicle software functions such as 'dyno mode' (roller dyno mode)also ensuring avoid any kind of damage to the vehicle and its transmission system.

An operational 4wd bank, in configuration single roller and connected axlesis now in operation at Autotransformazioni Gozzoli, in Maranello (MO).

Find out more about our model here 4wd with mechanically connected axles

Fume extraction systems

In our collaborations with some of the historical companies in the power testing and testing equipment sectorwe created a full range of accessories related to air and smoke treatment.

These include, high-temperature smoke extraction systems (1,200 °C) designed and optimised to meet the needs of roller test bench users.

They offer performance and features quite different from classic workshop systemsnormally designed to operate vehicles at low (idling) speeds and without engine load (with operating temperatures below 250 °C).

Durability and reliability over timefirst and foremost.

We also have a range of fan and engine cooling systems standard and customised.


Soundproof rehearsal rooms

We design and implement engine and roller test roomsalso to meet the needs of the homologation sector.

Designed and manufactured for allow operators to carry out tests and inspections, in full compliance with current occupational safety regulationsIt also makes it possible not to disturb the working environment.

The cabins, in their standard version, include:

They can also be supplied complete with:

  • outdoor version or earthquake certificate, where required
  • assembly and testing

Vehicle ventilation and engine cooling

We have a wide range of engine and airbox ventilation systems for both car and motorbike benches.

These can be managed directly by our control and acquisition systems, dedicated to:

Both types of control system, allow both engine cooling and air extraction systems to be managed.

Directly from the bank's control software interface (or its remote control) you can also manage any proportional speed control inverters of fans (when installed)

Wheel support rollers

All models of single-roll vehicle test benches, both 2WD which 4WDmay be equipped with wheel support rollers on the front axle.

This additional roller facilitates loading and positioning of the vehicle to be testedThis optimises operating time and ensures greater safety for operators.

An option that makes the handling and use of the test bench easier, enabling a single operator to load and position the vehicle correctly on the rollers, in a short time.

Each test bench model, thanks to thein-house design officeIt can be customised in its mechanical aspects.

We are also able to customise software featuresupon specific request.

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Upgrading existing test benches

With our control systemsboth standard and type-approved, we can restore and update existing test benches, both inoperative and very old.

By recovering the mechanical parts, you can breathe new life into your test bench, with a state-of-the-art system

The supply includeswhen required:

  • assembly and calibration
  • testing
  • user training

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Swivel arm

Installation at ECUPASSION in Vittorio veneto (TV)..

  • Articulated arm with 5 degrees of freedom to TV and/or DAQ support engine test room.

The range of accessories for engine test rooms includes articulated giraffe arms. Suitable for any type of test roomandwhich can be realised to customer specifications, allow a easy positioning of monitors, probes or acquisition systems. Can be moved manually with great ease.

If it is not possible to install the bench in the pit, platforms can be set upin order to maintain in vehicle in horizontal positionduring the execution of the tests