Since 1986, we have specialized in the supply and installation of high-quality industrial flooringusing durable materials and that offer the best guarantees of durability and resistance. We offer a wide range of solutions for industrial flooring and coatings, including:

Discover the advantages of an industrial klinker flooring.


We supply and install high quality klinker tiles, german production, customizing the design according to the customer’s needs.

The correct installation of klinker flooring is essential to ensure maximum durability and safety over time.

klinker floor installation

The installation of the industrial hygienic floor, must be carried out by highly specialized and qualified personnel, in order to guarantee an accurate and correct installation, of every single detail.

The quality of the klinker laying depends on several factors, including:

  • Experience and competence of the installer
  • Quality of the used materials
  • Adequate preparation of the laying support
  • Adhesion of the fixing materials

It is important that the laying be carried out following the manufacturer’s specifications and current technical standards, in order to guarantee a resistant and long-lasting installation over time..

.Thanks to our experience and attention to detail, we could guarantee an high quality industrial floor installation; as evidenced by our prestigious references .


Even apparently minor operations then prove to be fundamental for the best success of flooring and cladding laying works. Interruptions of the portions of the cast or overlaps of the electro-welded mesh, when properly designed, allow the functions of the individual layers to be carried out to the best; also allowing the correct positioning of the tiles.


The classic 'wide joint laying' is the typical feature of some of the pavements we make.

The experience and skills of the installers are essential to obtain perfectly orthogonal lines, which are an element of enhancement of the environments.. The installation is carried out without using any spacers or ‘crosses’; leaving the joints empty and ready for subsequent grouting with epoxy resin. Resins specifically formulated and chosen for the type of application and intended use of the different environments , whether for processing, cooking or storage.


35 years of experience, even testing different types of resins, catalysts and inert materials, allows us today to immediately identify the best technical solutions.

The different products and their mixtures are defined from time to time, based on different factors, including the intended use of the room, temperature and humidity during flooring installation, width of joints, thickness of tiles, etc.


We pay maximum attention to each individual operational phase, in order to guarantee the best performance of the planned activities, within the scheduled times and with the same quality with which we have built a solid reputation, in over 35 years of activity.

Italbu offers theexperience of qualified personnel to carry out site inspections and quotes for various types of work. By collecting data and details, we identify any critical issues, to coordinate the management of the work as best as possible, even where there are interventions by other companies.


Depending on the needs identified, we plan checks and inspections already during the quotation phase of the works, as well as during subsequent implementation. This is also in order to comply with all safety requirements established by the competent authorities. support your company in choosing the most suitable industrial flooring solution for your needs..


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