Specific regulatory specifications related to the food business, impose a series ofhygiene requirements cleanliness of production facilities. To these are added other needs:

  • DURATION AND RESISTANCE: due to the continuous passage of heavy loads and frequent spills of water and acids. Industrial clinker is a ceramic material with high mechanical properties; the flooring will thus be able to withstand over time the mechanical stresses and chemical and acidic substances typically found in food processing rooms.
  • ANTI SLIP: The floor must have an anti-slip surface to prevent possible accidents caused by slipperiness. This is especially in the presence of liquids and/or grease. We offer a wide range of floor and wall covering solutions in klinker, with certified roughness grades from R10 to R13.
  • IMPERMEABILITY: klinker is a waterproof material, with a very low degree of absorption of water and liquids. the flooring will therefore be able to prevent possible deformations due to water absorption. Waterproofness is also guaranteed by the grouting, made with made with professional and specific epoxy resins for different work environments.
  • RESISTANCE TO TEMPERATURE AND THERMAL SHOCKS: The clinker is able to withstand the temperatures and fluctuations typical of food production rooms, so the flooring will be able to withstand freezing and thawing cycles without being damaged or deformed.
  • ABSENCE OF INTERSTICES AND EDGES: The floor must not have any edges or gaps, which could become places for dirt and residues to settle, with the consequent risk of bacterial infestation. The industrial klinker has a wide range of special pieces, to offer a functional and easy-to-clean hygienic flooring.
  • AESTHETICS: An industrial klinker floor has a rustic and natural appearance; klinker flooring, when made with quality products and and maximum care in installation, proves to be an excellent element in enhancing the environment.

We supply and install stainless steel drainage systems, including manholes and special parts.

It is from the installation of these details that the care ITALBU takes in each of its creations immediately stands out.

Our first objective is ensure the durability and reliability of the works over time


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