Adhesives and resins

We have always selected the best products on the market:

  • Adhesives
  • Epoxy resins
  • Additives for screeds
  • Additives for grouts

We offer a wide range of specialist products, necessary for different types of laying and requirements of flooring or cladding.

We use almost exclusively low VOC emission resins, which are more expensive but particularly suitable for use in food processing environments, where health and hygiene are of paramount importance.

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Low VOC emissions resins: our resins are compliant with regulations on volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions (VOC) and guarantee a healthy and safe working environment for both the operators during installation and the healthy conditions of the premises, in which no harmful substances will be dispersed.

Our epoxy resins for the s,tuccatura of agro-food flooring in klinker offer a durable, high quality solution. Thanks to their high resistance to wear, mechanical stress and the chemicals used in this sector, guarantee a perfect finish and a waterproof, durable and safe floor covering.

Available in different colors and finishesto meet the needs of any type of working environment. We can provide a customised solution for each specific requirement, guaranteeing a high quality grout and a perfect finish for klinker flooring.

We offer epoxy resins suitable for use in cold storesdue to their high resistance to low temperatures. These resins are able to withstand extreme thermal stress and guarantee a perfect finish even in environments where the temperature is constantly maintained at very low levels.

Easy to clean and maintain, they guarantee a flooring that is always sanitized and safe.. Thanks to their high resistance to chemicals often used in this sector, our epoxy resins guarantee a resistant and durable flooring even in the presence of aggressive substances.

Our team of experts can provide a customised solution for every klinker or swimming pool floor grouting requirement.


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