We sell since over 35 years only the highest quality products, manufactured in Germany, wich offers a wide range of colours and finishings, allowing to customize the industrial pavement on customers needs.

  • High resistance to pressure, abrasion and stress
  • resistance to chemicals and temperatures
  • Very easy to clean and maintain
  • Anti-slip from R10 to R13

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Developed for the food industry, ours stainless steel drainage systems and manholes are produced in Italy and Germany.

Thanks to their robustness, reliability and ease of cleaning, they are the ideal choice for food industries looking for high-quality solutions for the evacuation of washing water and liquid substances.

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We almost exclusively use low VOC emission resins, which are more expensive but particularly suitable for use in food processing environments where health and hygiene are of fundamental importance.

Comply with regulations on volatile organic compound emissions (VOC) and ensure an healthy and safe working environment for both operators during installation and healthy food production ambients conditions. We offer epoxy resins suitable for use in cold rooms as well, thanks to their high resistance to low temperatures.

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The installation of klinker flooring must be carried out by highly specialized and qualified personnel, in order to guarantee maximum precision and correct installation of the flooring.

Thanks to our 35 years experience and attention to detail,, we are able to guarantee a high-quality installation of klinker flooring..

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Lean corporate structure, highly qualified internal resources and partnerships with with proven experience companies; paired to constant on-site assistance, are the basis of our offer:

  • Speed and efficiency to guarantee certain construction times
  • ON-Site assistance and testing of interventions
  • Quick repairs

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